Manor Ridge Gate system

Manor Ridge utilizes an older gate system, model number EL2000.  The gate operates via remote or access code entered into the keypad.  It also will offer a resident directory (by last name) so visitors can call the individual residence for access. 

Remotes- When you close on your Manor Ridge home, you should be handed any remotes the previous owner was issued.  As some of these remotes are old and worn, new remotes can be acquired from the Association for $35 per unit. 

  • Vehicles equipped with the built in garage remotes can be programmed to operate the front gate as well. 

Codes- All residences are entitled to one 4 digit code that would allow access by typing in the code on the keypad.  This is for residences with numerous drivers or used as a backup should the remote system be inoperable.

  • Codes should be provided to visitors when occasional access is required.

  • The system has a limited number of codes allowed thus the restriction to one code per household.

  • There is a general contractor code of “5007” that is provided to frequent contractors.  This can be used by residents as well. 

Keypad Directory- The Gate system displays a welcome message when a visitor first arrives.  It prompts the visitor to use the keypad to find a name in the directory at which point they will be able to dial the residence in question.  The residence can provide access via their phone handset keypad if desired. 

  • When you are called from the front gate, the caller id will display “Manor Ridge Association”.  Press “9” to open the gate if you recognize the visitor

  • This is optional for each residence should you choose not to be listed.  Visitors may still use codes provided by you.

Open gate access for events- The gate can be held open for defined periods of time for residents that have special events.  You can provide your code for access if desired but this option will allow the gate to be held open for a set period of time of your choosing.

  • To request open gate access, contact us at and provide the date and time range desired.

  • Please provide at least 24 hours’ notice as the gate is maintained by volunteer residents and may not be available to be programmed the day of.




  • My code doesn’t work?

    • If your code ever worked then it is most likely that the system was locked out by someone entering an incorrect code before you.

    • The system is configured to lock out for 5 minutes when someone enters an incorrect code three times consecutively within a 60 second period.  This is not a feature that can be disabled.  We have tried!

  • How long will the gate remain open once triggered?

    • The system is set to open for 10 seconds when triggered.  The loop sensor under the gate will prevent it from closing on a vehicle.

    • 10 seconds is the shortest time allowed.  This was selected to prevent “drafting”.